Anubis & Amunra Creations

Anubis Creations Mission

To provide natural healing juices and a spin on sweet treats.

One can forget all the moving parts, one may need to run a business.
Let's go back to the basics. 

Email Address:

Instagram: Health Juices @ it_v101

Instagram: Twist on sweet treats @ anubis_geminitreats

Volcano it: Fill your body with fresh fruits and veggies with no added preservative's. One can also find tea's such as Elderberry to be incorporated in with drinks 50/50. Drinks are made every Sunday and sold only on Sundays. One can place your order by emailing or Instagram. or Instagram @ it_v101

Anubis Creations: Do one enjoy sweets but don't want all the sugar. Do you enjoy escaping to your own world while enjoying treats? Anubis creations will open your sweet tooth to a new world. One can place your order by emailing or Instagram. or Instagram @ anubis_geminitreats 

Back to the Basics: Running a business can sometimes be overwhelming in the beginning. Let's go over your finances and legal files to make sure everything is in line.

Anubis Creations 

Juice Me or Eat Me 

Enjoy delicious fresh drinks with fruits and Veggies. 


Enjoy a mouthwatering twist on sweets.


Purple Dragon: 12oz bottle $5.50

Green Heart: 12oz bottle $5.50

Ball Orange: 12oz bottle $5.50

Nile River: 12oz bottle $5.50

Beet Shots: 4oz bottle $3.30

Orders can be placed Monday through Friday. Please email or Instagram @ it_v101

Payment: Cash App $Anubiscreation22

Product will be available every Sunday. 


One hour $18.00

Hour & half: $25.00

Two hours: $34.00

To setup an appointment virtually, please email.  


A twist on sweet treats, escape to your own world and destress from the rest with a treat.

Strawberry Delight cheesecake cookies: $10.00 each

Blueberry cheesecake muffin delights: $10.00 each

Rice Crispy mellow bites: $10.00

To place your order please email or Instagram @ anubis_geminitreats

Payment: Cash App $Anubiscreation22